Week Ten, Day Five ( Thursday)

News has it we can exit our Bunker and socialise albeit at a distance from next week. Am I glad? Hard to tell, I have to admit that online shopping, is the way forward. Someone else can hump the bottles of water/ beer/ wine/ milk up to the 6th floor as well as reams of computer paper, gallons of washing liquid and bleach and disinfectant, so not sure I am rushing out to the stores any time soon!

Today, I have been setting up my production line for face masks, for 11 people, I guess the baby isn’t going to wear one. Having made some in the first week, cloth ones and neoprene , I have finally decided on the way forward.

Today Himself took Himself off down the street and came back bearing gifts. Gin Chocolates, umm yummy, flowers, beautiful and Oysters! Fantastic, so tonight is his cooking night and it is a new recipe, from New Orleans, Oysters Roquefort.

Meanwhile, I decided to make more Ice Cream. Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip. Early on in our Lockdown I though I would become a gardener , I googled, went online No New Customers, I telephoned, you are in a queue your number is 856! What to buy seeds? I finally found seeds and tried growing some without too much success, neither the wild garlic nor the Alfalfa seeds germinated and at that point I got bored and gave up. However I do have wonderful Rosemary growing upstairs the most magnificent Bay trees growing downstairs ( along with rampant Olive trees) and a great pot of mint! ( I also have an oak tree!)

I used 500 mls cream, 500 mls plain yogurt, 3 eggs, 4oz /100grms Sugar, 100 grams 80% chocolate chopped and a Big bunch of fresh mint chopped.

As with all my Ice Cream recipes, really simple. Put the cream, yoghurt, sugar and eggs into a food processor and mix well. Carefully hand stir in the chocolate and the mint ( do not process in food processor as it will completely mush the chocolate and the mint and will not look pretty, taste the same but will not look so good!)

Then either put into an ice Cream machine or into a container and into the freezer. I actually just put mine into the freezer this time round to make sure that it turns out well.Making Chocolate cups is pretty straight forward. Simply melt ( and agin I melt in the mould in the microwave) allow about 25 grams of chocolate per cup. Silicon moulds are great for this., with a teaspoon push the molten chocolate around the mould and then pop it into the freezer to set.when ready to serve, peel away the mould, carefully.

Serve as it is, in a chocolate cup, with whipped cream or with chocolate sauce. Which ever way you choose, I’m sure you will be back for more. Actually I don’t like chocolate mint, not in ice cream nor in chocolate and of all things After eight dinner mints, Oh No!

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