More from New York

Three girls in New York City recently ate well. Apart from Marta which was my previous blog, we ate in great places for breakfast and  a really good one for dinner, disappointing insomuchas it was almost empty. The food was good and so was the service but sadly not many people to enjoy it.

After our foray to the wonderful Marta for Pizza, the next challenge was Breakfast, we had in mind the Clinton Street Bakery, the Willowy Brunette and I had been there previously and remembered it was not the easiest place to get to and that it is also inevitable to stand in line and wait, the place is so popular. So this time we took a taxi, poor man didn’t really know where to go , but we got there in the end.

Quelle Surprise! We were there before they opened and a small queue had already formed, BUT it has expanded, they have taken over the adjacent property, and is now at least twice the size it once was. Once they opened up, the queue moved very quickly and we asked to have a table in the orginal room. No Problem !

We started with Mimosas ( Bucks Fizz) as it was the BIRTHDAY! The Brunette chose as was expected Pancakes, these are usually a post Marathon event, but again as this was the Birthday, Pancakes it had to be. The Blond and myself chose, scrambled eggs along with chorizo, spicy but not overly so. 

Post Breakfast, we headed down to TriBeCa , where the Blond knew of a wonderful independent shoe shop. Amazingly it was Clearance  sale up to 80% off, needless to say, we did well.

SO the next question, was, What to do for the rest of the day? Birthday girl declared that she wanted to do something Special!

So we went on a March! Me on a march?, the girls had been on the anti War March in London years ago, but this was the first for me. It was the Anti Trump March, the sun shone, the crowds were fun and it lasted for hours! About 6 or even 7. Tha camaraderie was great and we met some fun people, all who could not believe that this man had been elected. So this was indeed special.

Onto the Birthday dinner, we ate at Charlie Palmer at the Knickerbocker. This sounded so much fun, but as I have already said, the food was really very nice but there were only about 4 tables occupied, which was a shame.

We all chose the Octopus, which was grilled and was divine. Followed by Wagu Beef Hamburger, and again this was lovely. I mentioned to the waiter that this was a birthday, so he produced a cake but unfortunately no candles..!!!
The following morning it was time to find another breakfast joint. And we did., This time we headed into the West Village and found Joseph Leonard. Again it is a very small restaurant , but again the food was very good.It is not only open for breakfast and lunch, but also for dinner, so next time!!!