Dining in New York City

My girls and I arrived in New York City last night (via way of London Mexico and Geneva, and we arrived almost at the same time). We arrived to much excitement. The willowy brunette has a birthday and we are here to celebrate. Consequently eldest sister and I have several things up our sleeves and some other things that were not up our sleeves, have poked out as options.

We are staying in a small boutique hotel,  a short hop from Times Square. So after a bottle of wine had been delivered and the champagne stashed in the refrigerator, the next question was “Where to eat?” somewhere not too far away, if possible.

A quick “google” on the “Open Table ” App, found us the perfect place, Marta, just around the corner, well almost around the corner. We were at 31st St. and they are at 29th St, so not too far to walk. So we quickly booked a table for three and descended to the lobby where it was “Happy Hour”, and a happy hour it was indeed as wine, white or red, was on the house !

Onwards to Marta, and thank goodness we had booked, the place was full and buzzing. People were standing in line, seated at the bar, and just hovering and hoping!

Marta is Italian and Pizza, but a distinctly up market pizza place. I am not known for my love of pizza and as such found it difficult, or so I believed. One is used to seeing pizzas along the lines of a Margharita, 4 cheeses or Calzone, the ones on the Marta Menu left me in a state of panic.

To start with there was a choice of red Pizza, or white Pizza? oh Help! I used o make pizza for the kids, and it was always Red, because of the tomato sauce and of course the tomatoes and the pepperoni, but white pizza?? So to clarify these were the choices on the Red list .

MARGHERITA •Mozzarella, Basil, STRACCIATELLA •  ( Home made shredded Buffalo mozarella type)House-made Stracciatella, Basil, Olio Verde, MACELLAIO
Sopressata, Guanciale, Pork Sausage, Mozzarella, Grana Padano, SALSICCIA
Pork Sausage, Cremini Mushrooms, Pecorino,and  MERCATO
Marinated Sweet Peppers, Crushed Tomatoes, Provolone, Ricotta

And then onto the White Pizzas*PATATE ALLA CARBONARA
Potatoes, Guanciale, Black Pepper, Pecorino, Egg, FUNGHI
Fontina, Mozzarella, Hen of the Woods, Yellow Foots, Red Onion, Thyme, CARCIOFI
Artichokes, Mozzarella, Fontina, Garlic Breadcrumbs  and  TESTA
Pig Head Terrine, Mozzarella, Fontina, Arugula, Red Onion

So forgive me my confusion, however the slender blond came to my rescue by saying, “Mommy try the Funghi”, not that she would ever ,having an aversion to mushrooms, but she was right, this was for me.

We shared three different starters, way too much of course, but hey ho, we were in Birthday holiday mood. :-BIETOLE AI FERRI ( Ember-roasted Beets, Salmoriglio, Ricotta Salata)  ZUCCA FRITTA •Crispy Butternut Fries  and CAPESANTE • Grilled Scallops, Romanesco Cauliflower, Pine Nuts.

All of these were delicious, especially the roasted beets and the butternut squash fries. Then onto the Pizza. The slender Blonde chose the STRACCIATELLA, the willowy bruneete the SALSICCIA  and me the white pizza funghi. the mushrooms on this pizza were not just boring old mushrooms but hen of the woods and yellow foot mushrooms ( a type of chanterelle). Yummy !

We ate our full, drank our wine, declined dessert and tumbled along the road and bed.

What will await us tomorrow? wait and see!

An interesting little fact about Marta, SERVICE IS INCLUDED!