Week Ten, Day Seven ( Saturday)

Apologies, this is a day late in coming to HOT OFF THE PRESS! But here it is !

To day is our virtual travel day and boy did we go travelling . We boarded SPACE X and went on an intergalactic journey to which planet, I’m not sure, ( I’m not really into planets though I do love stars), Himself has just told me that we went to the Death Star, along with the music from Star Wars. We had to wait until dark, and dressed in a rather large Face Mask and helmet, staggering around in the dark, trying to set up the camera, proved a bit too much for a video with music as well ! Our neighbours must think we are totally Bonkers, but that is Ok, after all Oscar Wilde did say, that there is nothing worse than not being noticed ( or something along those lines)!

When we are in the French Alps, I sign up for notifications when the Space Station is going to go overhead. The notifications are very precise and usually one can see the station very clearly indeed and normally for about 4-6 minutes. One Christmas, we pretended that we were outside looking for Santa ( there is another site which tells you when and where Santa will be) and so when the Space Station came into view, we all shouted, ” Look, Look, there’s Santa!)

Our intergalactic dinner consisted, of Sonic Burgers, Moonshine ( to drink) and green slime ( Ice Cream ) as dessert.

Sonic Burgers are an American institution, the firm created just after WW2, is a drive through Burger joint with over 3,500 outlets. I have to admit that I have never been to one, so have absolutely no idea if they are good or bad, but the name was suitable for our Virtual outing, though I have to say that we have a Texan friend who used to go to Sonic Burger not infrequently!

I don’t cook Hamburgers very often, usually saved for moments outdoors in France, along with a BBQ grill, but for this adventure, Needs Must.

For each hamburger I used 125 grams of good Minced beef, 1/2 a finely chopped onion, teaspoon butter, about an ounce of cheese, I used blue cheese, salt and pepper.

I like to stuff my hamburgers with cheese, the cheese melts, just right when it is in the middle of the meat, and this time round I chose blue cheese. It just reminded me of the children’s song ” There was a man who loved in the moon ” , His hat was made of Good Cream Cheese ! Etc

5 thoughts on “Week Ten, Day Seven ( Saturday)

  1. I love your posts but your weekly travels have me in stitches – bonkers – yes – but beautifully bonkers
    I’m not a burger fan but may be tempted to one oozing with blue cheese!
    Oh for the day our very small but perfectly formed back terrace is full of burger eating family and friends


  2. What time were you out there? Why didn’t you alert us all? Tho to be honest some evenings we head to bed early, proof in a photo I sent. xox


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