Week Ten, Day Three ( Tuesday)

Following on from the the contents of my kitchen drawers ( and by the way that was only half of them) , what do I absolutely love by way of appliances.

I love my food processor, I have a Magimix, and this must be the third or even fourth reincarnation as I have had one for the last 30 years or more. I even have its twin in France. Something I use almost on a daily basis. Spares are easy to come by which makes it even more attractive.

Next down, though not used anywhere near as much and is also a Magimix. Again, I have had one of there for many years and use it for purées and soups mostly.

Electric hand whisk, again something simple but invaluable, so much easier than beating by hand, maybe not in the true chef mode but easy to use.

Next is an electric carving knife, not sure why I still have this as almost NEVER do a roast, but seems silly to throw it away, as it still works well.

My Sous Vide wand, which I Love and as with the food processor, I have its twin in France. It talks to my phone and as such I have to switch it over depending on where I am, maybe I should pair the one in France with a different phone, just to make life a tad easier.

Going on from the Sous Vide machine , necessity calls for a vacuum pack machine, and again I have twins, one here and one there. The first one I bought after a trip to Mexico, I had always used zip lock bags for flat packing soups etc, but someone had delivered vacuum packed goodies to eldest daughter after the north of her third child. Umm thought I What a good idea and so returned bearing a vacuum sealer ( and mini transformer). Nowadays I have an English version, easier to use.

A hand blender, where would I be without it, mayonnaise, anchovy butter, walnut pesto, here I come. Mine is by a Swiss company and is meant to be the best, whereas the one I have in France was much cheaper and didn’t last long, it died.

Pestle and mortar , a necessity for pounding and grinding .

Latest, non electrical are products from Lekule, until recently I used Pyrex with cling film in the microwave, but this company has improved things, I have one item good for cooking rice ( smallish quantities) and another for vegetables, which is very good.

Other items, which I have had, forever, a potato ricer, it makes the absolute perfect mashed potatoes, an electric plug in table top grill, not used as much since I had installed my teppanyaki grill, up useful none the less. And an electronic rice cooker, which I love if cooking rice for more than one person. It cooks by weight, is fast and efficient and then switches to keep warm mode. And of course a toaster ( Himself sometimes likes toast for breakfast).

One gadget which I have had for +/- 35 years is a thingy which converts Grams, kilos etc to pounds and ounces, which is not much good if you are working in just grams or as in my case I often work in Cups. But if you have an old book which says 16 oz, turn the dial and it says 450 grams ! Brilliant, no longer the need for some mental arithmetic.

One item which I used a lot about 42 years ago, was a cream maker. We lived in the wilds of Normandy and at the time there was cream galore but it was Crème Fraîche, which translates as fresh cream, but it is not sweet cream, almost sour, try putting that in cream eclairs, not good ! But not sure if it is any longer available!

Needless to say I also have a juicer, it is cold slow press, which is good and I used it in my “I am a juicer “Phase, which is now past, so I am afraid it is in the cupboard. But maybe that should go to France.

And of course the Ice Cream Machine.

And that is all for now and I haven’t even started on pots and pans, dishes and baking items, things like dishes for individual soufflés and pies, but will save that for another day.

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