Week Nine, Day Two ( Monday)

As I’m losing track of the days, I have started adding the actual day in the title!

For someone who really likes grocery shopping these nine weeks have been a real learning curve for me. I don’t have to go to the grocery store, things miraculously appear on my door step.

In former Times I had my “Go To” stores. Starting out in the countryside, for when I was in the car, Lidl, one of the two German low cost stores. I remember them from when I lived in Southern Germany, a life time ago, it really was the only one near where I lived. What I like about it now, is it is small, I Hate the mega grocery stores, total time wasting. So it is a quick in and out and their fresh produce has such a quick turn over, it is usually pretty good.

Also when I was out and about, once in a while it was Quality Foods, in Hayes. The Indian Visa office used to be located next door, ( which is why I knew it was there).This is a much larger store than I like But it is never busy. It is a basically Indian/ Asian supermarket, and outside, in a covered area an array of fruit and vegetables, some of which I haven’t a clue as to what they are. I always mean to go armed with my book , but never do.( see below for the ultimate guide to Vegetables!

Next on my list, but still needing a car is Hoo Hing on Hanger Lane, another ethnic store, and again not usually busy. It caters to all things Chinese and the Far East and I think most of the customers are from restaurants.( and apparently they too deliver, though I’ve yet to try), they do have smaller versions in China Town , but as you can imagine, Very Busy !

Having said I don’t like large stores, I can’t resist Costco, the American super store. This I can’t resist, here I get my American fix, but they too deliver!

And then, closer to home, Waitrose, who of course deliver, but there is a smallish one close by, so I would go with trolley in hand. And likewise the wonderful food store of Marks and Spencer at Marble Arch ( and they too deliver ).And Finally, just across the street, two small versions of UK supermarkets, plus a myriad of local ethnic stores.

But currently, I’m into online shopping, Waitrose, Costco, Ish Fish and Greens for Fruit and vegetables ( and other supplies).

Today, I rummaged in the second drawer of number two freezer, and came across a packet of smoked mackerel ( actually I did know it was there). It had been languishing there for a while as I couldn’t decided what to do with it. It had been bought because Himself likes mackerel, and me, not so much. However on the weekend, inspiration leapt out of the newspaper and hit me. Smoked Mackerel Pâté, there was the answer. And yes I had all that I needed and then some.

Simplicity itself, all that I really lacked were some decent crackers so crispbread, broken in two, had to suffice.

  1. 1 packet of smoked mackerel, about 250 grams
  2. Tbsp cream, crèche fresh or sour cream
  3. Tbsp mayonnaise
  4. At least a tsp of prepared horseradish sauce, more if you want
  5. Salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Juice of half a lemon

You can either do this by hand, by mushing the mackerel with a fork and then stirring in the other ingredients, or throwing all into a food processor and giving it a quick blitz, I say quick, too long and it will really be mush. Put into a dish and refrigerate for maybe an hour so that it is firm, serve on crackers.

2 thoughts on “Week Nine, Day Two ( Monday)

  1. And you both ate these delicacies with pleasure! Your curried veggies are delicious. Lunch today and tomorrow and then with meat balls….xox Debby


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