Week Nine, Day One ( Sunday)

Another week has zoomed on by but this time around we have a modicum of freedom, albeit the Rules are not that clear, Can we? Can’t-we? Who knows! We shall carry on as before, parfum extraordinaire, Eau de Disinfectant, the masks the shoes, the groceries, the packets, I think I will remember the smell for a long time to come! But at least for us the golf course is open, so it is at least some distraction. My kids say for us ‘ Rien ne change!’ Well it does, of course, the trips, all cancelled, and no dining out, but Hey Ho, Onwards and Upwards!

Sandwiched between Sunday cocktails and Sunday Story Time, Dinner takes third place, but that too is fine, after all, where am I going, nowhere!

Today it is fish ( and my neighbour said, fish? You eat a lot of fish , we eat chicken !) well, yes again it is fish, and this time round it is Halibut, as when I ordered from Ish Fish, I though I would try some. Actually I have never cooked Halibut previously, but there is no reason why it should not be as easy as any other fish.

I’m going to pan fry it and serve it with a a Puttanesca dressing. Puttan, apparently means Tart or Whore, but Puttanesca can also mean a mix of Peppers, capers etc , but calling it Tarts Sauce is amusing !

  1. For the sauce for 4 people
  2. 4 red peppers, de seeded, cut into slices and grilled
  3. 3 tabs good olive oil
  4. 12 cherry tomatoes
  5. 12 pitted olives, ( good ones)
  6. 2 tabs capers, drained
  7. Some shredded basil leaves
  8. Some salt and pepper
  9. Some cloves of garlic
  10. Butter or oil for pan frying
  • Start by grilling the peppers, and the garlic, . Heat the olive oil, add the tomatoes and then the peppers and garlic., just before serving add the olives and capers.
  • Dip the Halibut in flour, heat the oil/ butter and when it stops bubbling add the fish and cook for about 4 mins on each side.
  • Arrange the fish on the plate and arrange the sauce on top.
  • I served with asparagus ( again) and Gnocchi ( again, from the freezer), and apart from grilling the peppers, a really quick dinner, especially having the Gnocchi already made.
  • And the result ? We will have it again. Can be made with any firm chunky white fish, cod, haddock etc.
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