Traveling and eating!

We have been traveling in the Far East, which never fails to excite me. The noise, the smells, the people, all exciting. For me very much part of this, is the food.

This has been met, this time around, so far a mix of highs and lows.

An alternative to green beans, steamed greens which came with some scallops
Salt and pepper fishes, looked good but no sign of salt or pepper and Well. COLD!
Roast duck, crispy skin, tasted not bad, but as above could have been hotter!
This waitress did an amazing job of expertly carving off the skin of this Peking Duck, for a table of young Vietnamese!
Iced coffee served with condensed milk
It has been a long time since having coffee served in this manner, but delicious Iced coffee!Himself now declares this that is how it should be sev ed Chez Nous in the summer !

The above photos, take in Ho Chi Minh, a vibrant city full of hustle and bustle. Did you know that Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee producer after Brazil? I did not! Making coffee and serving it in these individual filters, takes me back to the 1970’s in Bruxelles, where coffee was always served like this, albeit in plastic filters, rather than these gold coloured metal ones!

A Peking Roast Duck shop in Hong Kong.
A very yummy looking cake in Hong Kong
I LOVE shrimp and these giant ones did not disappoint, in Mission Hills, Dongguan, China
These are also Shrimp. Coated in cornmeal, absolutely Yummy!
This one I DID not Eat! Himself the master of eating all things a bit Weird! PIGS INTESTINES!

The Ultimate Cook Your Own Dinner, a kind of Hot Pot, where you choose what you wish to cook and which sauces to have as well.

Himself is now in love with this Chinese Breakfast.

It is actually very tasty and Hot, whereas most of the

Buffet breakfasts were rather on the cold side!

The Problem with this is, The Slurping your clothes could end up being a bit messy!

Fish dinner
Grilled Shrimp Dinner
Two of my favourites, crab meat and avocado!
Shrimp in Aspic

More wonderful foods to come, including Vietnamese Pizza!

3 thoughts on “Traveling and eating!

  1. So I’m a fussy eater who doesn’t like fish – but animals intestines goes to a new level 🤮much of the food looks really tasty though and hope to sample some of it one day


  2. Great photos! Let us know more about Vietnam as we are thinking of going there next year.

    Have fun.

    Yuki xx



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