You too can dress like Villanelle

Reading various Bits and Bobs this week, I came across an article on Jodie Cromer, who played Villanelle, in the series, Killing Eve. And there it was, well almost the dress, the red dress,that can be bought from the store around the corner! The designer is Molly Goddard, but at £5,000 a pop and no parties to go to, maybe, just maybe, I’ll give it a miss!

Another, article I read was about Belgium. They have been in Lockdown, again. Dear Dear friends, who live there ( way out in the boonies) ventured out the other week, and they happened upon a Frites stand! Maybe one doesn’t normally go to Frites stand, but, they are the best in the world! Forget Tom Kerridge, go to Belgium and go to a Frites stand, eat with Mayonnaise or curry sauce, Yum Yum ! However the joy in their enjoyment is made even better by the news that restaurants in this country that really enjoys good food, will Not Re-Open until at least the end of January!

Then moving onto France, where we have a home. Just as well we had not planned to go for Christmas, all ski lifts are closed, as are Bars and Restaurants, ( until mid January at least) though snow shoeing is still an option.

And then the UK, Bars and Pubs can be open, and serve at tables, providing they serve a substantial meal! What constitutes a substantial meal? I am sure that depends on all sorts of criteria, but apparently a Scotch Egg, fits the bill. Um now there is a thought. I haven’t made Scotch eggs since forever. One year for our Christmas drinks party I made 48 mini ones, using quails eggs and some were with sausage meat, some chopped ham some with black pudding and some with shrimp, all were delicious, but such a pain to make ( especially if you have to cook and peel the eggs as I did!)

What have we been cooking this week, a lot of, “Ooops I did it again!”

Pizza movie night on Friday, the last episode in the Queens Gambit!

Himself did a repeat of Prawn/Fish Moilee (oysters and

And I made marmalade, again, that comes from having too many Clementines, I went overboard and bought a box and so now we have three jars of very delicious Clementine marmalade!

And that is it ! Looking forward to having a little more freedom in the weeks ahead. Oh and I have to smush and freeze all of my ( now ripe) wonderful avocados!

4 thoughts on “You too can dress like Villanelle

  1. Keep up your blog please Sue! We love reading vicariously about the Gaskell adventures in food! We too in Toronto are in lockdown- no restaurants or small shops open! But we put up a small tent along with a heater on our back patio so can entertain one couple – social distancing observed, of course to hot soup, grilled cheeses and a libation or two. Seeing family and friends has kept us sane!!

    Keep happy and healthy

    The best of everything to you all in 2021 John and Judy

    Judy Groves Home 416 488 7514 Mobile 416 580 6507 Cottage 819 463 1255



    1. So good to hear from you! Life here is really no bad, we had a great week in Scotland and the Lakes for our 50 th wedding anniversary and currently hopefully that we can get to Scotland again, en famille for the Christmas week, our first choice, a castle has just cancelled ( thanks a bunch) but think we have found a very nice alternative ( not far from Dornoch) with its own goof course ! So fingers crossed.
      As for my blog if nothing else it is a modern diary !
      As I say really good to hear from you with fond memories of our times together in the UK and your Cottage! One day again we hope.
      We miss your company


  2. Hi Sue,

    I’m sure you already have a recipe for guacamole, but this is the one I got from my very good Mexican friend. I have made it many many times, but it’s always really good. Now that you have lots of avocados, try it and let me know.

    1 Tomato 1 Small Onion A large bunch of coriander including stems About half-3/4 jar of Jalapeno pepper About 6 avocados Juice of 1 lemon Salt and pepper

    I chop everything very finely and mush the avocados and mix them very well. You can adjust the salt and spice level to your taste.


    Yuki xx

    > >


    1. Thanks Yuki, the more variations on a theme the merrier. I have just mushed them all and packed in one avocado size bags and frozen, they freeze really well and are good for Smushed avocados on toast and of course for guacamole. Really really pleased with my delivery, the ones you get here can be so hit and miss! Hopefully we can all get together again soon x


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