Week 5, Day Five ( I’m losing count here !)

Even the giraffes at London Zoo, support the NHS

Another glorious day, here in paradise , And absolute Sods Law, that ever since we have been in Lockdown the sun has shone! And it has been the warmest and driest April, since records began! Is there a history lesson here, I wonder?

Today, was FISH FROM ISH DAY, yes I had another delivery from Ish for Fish and service in amazing. This is coming from someone who as a kid would help her brother tend his lines , collect the fish, skin and gut them and more recently being an absolute devotee of Billingsgate Fish market.

Having read how, amongst others the fish industry was really hurting, because, to whom do they sell most fish , restaurants of course. And where are the restaurants? Shut! Consequently many of the fish companies have gone high tech, online ordering, with prompt delivery, in ice , and vacuum packed, ready to be frozen! What’s, not to like? Nothing!

From the Gardeners, whose plants are going to die, to the fishermen, to the greengrocers of Covent Garden, to the Bakers, they are all offering a wonderful service. ( maybe I will scrub Holland and Barret from that list, groceries ordered on March 25 , I’m still waiting )

So, having said that fish arrived, the next dilemma was, what to do with it, scanning my numerous ebooks and websites I decided on one thing for starters, Smoked Haddock Soufflé. Himself really likes smoked haddock ( me, not so much) and I usually just poach it and serve on a bed of spinach with a poached egg or two on top. A quick and easy dinner for when time is short.

But, today I made the Smoked Haddock Soufflé, simplicity itself, and I won’t bore you with all the details, but in week 4; Day 2 I made a cheese soufflé, so this is exactly the same , except with just a small amount of cheese and poached smoked haddock. Quantities remain the same ( except for the cheese, 3 tbs of parmesan that’s all ) and a level tablespoon of Dijon Mustard.

Simply poach the fish ( a smallish filet) in either milk or water for 5 minutes , remove from pan, and remove the skin,and flake the fish. Make the soufflé as per the previous instructions and add the fish. Bake at 180 C for about 45 mins and serve with a salad !

One thought on “Week 5, Day Five ( I’m losing count here !)

  1. Did it all get eaten? I wouldn’t have the patience to make it but would happily eat it (in a restaurant). xoxo Debby


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