London, Week Two, Day Five.

Another busy day, even though we had finally finished Jigsaw puzzle #1, I honestly do not know where the time goes.

Number #2 daughter was duly impressed with my first attempt at face masks, I have ended up making them for Finchley and Flackwell Heath, hence I’ve made 6 more. This was done after altering my Waitrose order , yet again. Ordering for my neighbour as well, as myself, and then stuff that I had ordered suddenly disappeared, and then a little note pops up” you can’t have more than three of those“ ( and I didn’t have any!)

Consequently, I was still using up egg whites, and decided to make more granola , I used to make it a while ago, but I really like it, hence the need to make more to fill my container.

Again this is stupidly simple, no need to measure, just throw it in..

You will need, a couple of egg whites, beaten.

A cup or a handful of nuts, mixed, and chopped.

A couple of handfuls of either oats or I used muesli ( this was not posh muesli) as being inherently lazy, it had some nuts and dried fruit already in the ingredients.

Heat some oil in , maybe 1/4 of a cup in a saucepan, add about the same amount of maple syrup, add the chopped nuts and then the oats/ muesli and finally the beaten egg whites. Mix well together, spread onto a baking sheet and cook in a medium oven for about 20 minds until golden brown. Leave to cool, before putting into a storage box, or maybe Just Eat!

I use it on top of Yoghurt, Yummy!

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