London Day 5′

IMG_1368The sun is shining and it is a beautiful Spring day. I had heard that the New Covent Garden Market, which is normally a Wholesale Market for the most part, their traders are being innovative ( I wonder if Billingsgate are doing something similar?), and now doing online deliveries. I was intrigued, had a google and yes indeed. , And a bit like my online fish buying I chose a mixed box of Fruit and Vegetables along with an extra side box of eggs, ( 30 of them !) milk, cheese and bread.

So watch this space and will report back.

Today was what we always called a “Club Med” or it could be any resort. Food is not wasted and can be recycled providing it is safe to do so. I was recycling rice that was left over from the Cauliflower and chick pea curry. In care homes they are not allowed to serve rice that has been cooked and left as there are bacteria in the rice that could adversely affect the residents, but providing you have kept the rice sealed in the refrigerator and you then re heat on a high heat or better still add some water and give it a quick zap in the Microwave, then it should be safe.

Todays project was Ham and Egg fried Rice, which quickly became Egg Fried rice, simply because I forgot the ham. An easy project especially if you have some frozen vegetables to add as well. Whilst backpacking with #1 journalist daughter in China, her rule of thumb was ” if it is being cooked in front of you, and children are being fed, then it should be OK” Interestingly, very often the egg fried rice had not only the egg in the mixture, but a fried egg on top !IMG_2476

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