Food Food Everywhere! ( and an Adult non-Risk Taker)

Starting at the driest place on earth and more or less ending up at the wettest place on earth ( up to 340 days of rain pa), we sailed  around the bottom of the world, where there was food, food and more food everywhere!

Breakfast, on a blustery deck, very lucky if you get a spot under a heater, if not, then more layers are called for.IMG_5122


Three course lunch, again on deck, providing it is not teeming it down with a force 9 blowing, down below for afternoon tea, scones with jam and cream, banana fosters with ice cream and or cream, sandwiches and cakes. Then onto drinks and nibbles, before heading up or down for dinner, copious wine, 24 hours a day tea and coffee and homemade cookies!

And that is not to mention that during our sorties onto dry land, via a Zodiac , more food is forthcoming wherever we go!

Needless to say, I do not partake in all of this indulgence, and others do not as well, the adult Non Risk Taker.

She, has grown into mature adulthood on what seems to be a diet of either Chips ( large plateful, especially cooked for her) complete with ketchup and Fingers, ( not the fishy kind but her own), or again a large plate, cooked especially for her, of mashed potatoes and gravy ! She pulled a face when she tried her husbands chocolate dessert, but did spy her eating a scone and cream for tea and beans on toast for breakfast, therefore, some protein at least!

One does wonder how she reached this ripe relatively old age, eating only this!

Actually, despite what one might believe, fish and chips is a fairly balanced meal, Protein , Fat and Carbohydrates in almost equal amounts!

I once read of someone starving to death ( well almost) as all he ate was Frey Bentos frozen or tinned meat pies! And then the Italian parents jailed as they were imposing their Vegan diet on their 6 year old child, who was so under nourished, not just physically, but mentally as well and weighed the same as a normal 2 year old! All things in moderation I guess is the answer!

During this part of our travels, have not come across anything, food wise that jumps out and say “Cook Me” but rather safe food, that all but really fussy eater would eat but have to say that the Rib Eye is excellent. Nothing outrageous for himself to try, perhaps the most outrageous to date is the steak and kidney pie. Last night it was slow cooked Peruvian beef, and as delicious as it was, it was not slow cooked, but I suspect minute steak, with a Peruvian type sauce.IMG_8422

One excellent market with lots of local seafood, some washed up crawfish, and lots of mussels, though we have only had them thrice once at lunch , once at dinner and once as nibbles.IMG_2736

I was interested to hear how the left overs were dealt with. Extreme perishables, salads, raw fish and the like, are basically put into an industrial type of “Insinkerator,” bacteria added and left for 18-24 hours, before being washed out as fish food. Cold cuts and cheese would be served to crew and hot food likewise, providing it has maintained a certain temperature. This has to be recycling at its best.

AN finally, as much as I dislike Deconstructed things, it is usually done with desserts. This time around it said on the Menu, for a dessert, Deconstructed Snickers Bar. Himself had to choose it, and why not? could be very interesting! Guess,  what it was, a Snickers Bar cut into two and arranged on a plate !! Very Funny !!!I think it was a homemade snickers bar But!!IMG_6300

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