On the road again, ( part 2)

So Day Two here in Tokyo saw us at the TSUKIJI  fish market, which is not far from the Ginza district.
Tsukiji Market (築地市場, Tsukiji Shijō) is one of ten wholesale markets that deal with the distribution of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish for Tokyo. The  Tsukiji Market is one of the world’s largest fish markets, handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day. Rumour has it, that the market, will move out of the city to a new site, later on this year. The market has attached to it, a fruit and vegetable market as well. The tuna auction takes place here also and any visitor has to apply at the auction office, early in the morning, only 120 visitors are allowed each day and they are also divided into 2 groups, the first being admitted at 5.25 and the second at 5.50. It reminded me very much of Billingsgate in London ( smaller) , though without the banter ( watch yer back darlin!) The other difference being is, in London the porters skilfully manoeuvre large metal trolleys around, whilst in Tokyo it is motorised carts,the porters, constantly beefing at all who should dare to get in the way ! Of course there is lots of Tuna but besides that all sorts of fish, fresh, dried and frozen! Some recognisable and some not ( should have come with my worldwide fish guide). One interesting item was Octopus eggs. Apparently they are intelligent animals and are protected within the EU. The male dies soon after mating and the female guards her eggs for up to 53 months ( depending on species) and then she dies! No fun being an Octopus then! So was very interested to see the eggs on sale, but am really not sure what to do with them!



ready shucked oysters
sides of Tuna
yellow fin tuna
cuttle fish
an abundance of Scallops
Large live shrimp

After a very interesting morning looking at Fish we stopped for lunch, also in the the TSUKIJI area, some of us had Sushi whilst others Tempura or baked fish, but no matter what, all were very good. I was tempted to try the Omelet on a stick from a street vendor, ( but had just had lunch). Interestingly they make it in a rectangular pan, quiet thick, and then cut it into lengths and put on a stick! Very innovative, I think I just need to  buy one of those pans!  


So now it is off to the Royal Palace to look at the Cherry Blossom!

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