On The Road Again ( Part One)

  This trip sees us in Japan, at the moment in Tokyo. Last night at the request of himself ( he who had fond memories of his various visits here) saw us eating in a traditional restaurant ( named Karen) eating Shabu-Shabu. Roughly translated it means Swish-Swish! Which is the sound the beef makes as you swish it, just one time back and forth around in the hot pot.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia, Shabu-Shabu  was invented in the 20th. Century by the Suehiro restaurant in Osaka and they registered it as a trade mark in 1955.

So what beef do they use for Shabu-Shabu? Well again according o Wikipedia it is generally Rib Eye, although I have never seen in the UK or the USA beef that is as finely marbled as that which we ate last night. 

 On arriving at the Karen restaurant which is in the Ginza district of Tokyo, we were greeted with a ” oh my bad knees ” moment as it appeared that we would have to squat at worse or sit cross legged at best at the table, which was at floor level. However we were all pleased to find that although we needed to clamber down to the floor, the table was actually set over a pit, so we basically sat normally but at floor level! Very enterprising, I should say ! 

 We ate copiously and the star of the evening was the Kuroge Wagyu, Japanese Black beef, from and area called Kagoshima . We were fortunate enough to be in the company of a Japanese friend and her husband, who had connections with the Kagoshima meat industry. So feast your eyes on our wonderful  dinner, and this was just day one!


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