More on Avocados and how often do you cook?

How often do you cook? I believe that the average Britain cooks far more often than their American counterparts, but I could be wrong!

How many recipes does the average person know?

A new survey found that the average person only knows how to cook five meals or less without a recipe. One in three say they only try a new recipe about once a year. And despite the proliferation of cooking shows on TV this hasn’t actually translated into people cooking more. However it has translated into supermarkets offering many many more ready meals and since the pandemic companies offering ‘ Cook your gourmet meal at home’ have really taken off. I saw only yesterday that Michel Roux Jr , two Michelin Stars at Le Gavroche has joined the throng of home deliveries, and for £79 you can get a meal for two! During the Pandemic and Lockdowns even CORE ( Clare Smyth) the three Michelin starred restaurant was offering such a meal. Hers came complete with video, instructions , food and a pair of mini tongs to pick up and arrange the garnishes. However at £175 pp ( minimum order 2) it meant a lot of pfaff ,no one to serve it and certainly no one to do the dishes !

It is reckoned that the average person only churns out the same meals week after week. It reminds me of the movie Shirley Valentine, where the husband demands his Egg and Chips because it is Tuesday. Once when we had a live in Au Pair, she declared that in her house, Mondays was left overs, Tuesday shepherds pie, Wednesday ? Etc, week after week! And my question is, has this changed over the years. My mother when she came to stay complained that she never knew what we were going to eat as I really do not follow any plan. I open the refrigerator/ freezer and ponder and then decide what to cook ! Himself also has no idea what I am concocting !( but likewise, when himself decides to cook, I never know what is up his sleeve)

I love trying new ideas and one which I gleaned from our trip to Abu Dhabi was something to try with Avocados. I have been buying avocados in bulk from Spain, I ripen a few and then refrigerate the rest and they ripen slowly. Avocados are picked when they are hard and ripen off the tree. Almost, always eaten raw, used in salads, guacamole but also for ice cream and milk shakes. In Abu Dhabi, they were served in Dijon mustard and honey, which I ate for breakfast almost daily but have only just tried them at home.

So what do we know about Avocados. Well, they are high in monounsaturated fats ( lowers the cholesterol). They contain vitamin B 6 and C, magnesium and iron (folate, niacin, riboflavin, Thiamine, vitamin A, AND ounce for ounce contain more potassium than bananas ( all those tennis players should start eating them on court). However, they are high in fat and hence calories. Avocado oil is a light delicate flavoured oil, good for salad dressings but NOT for cooking !

So there isn’t really a recipe for this version of eating Avocados, just add a dollop of Dijon mustard, a liberal sprinkle of lemon juice, fresh or bottled, a teaspoon of honey according to taste and a sprinkle of Sumac to serve. Eat with toasted sourdough bread.

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