Experiment Day !

Monday Monday, no actually it is Tuesday and an experiment day. Without experimenting where would we be now? Nowhere!

I had two experiments going on.

Firstly , I had a head of Celeriac ( not sure if you call it a head but with the other form of celery it is called a head, so a head it shall be !) normally I would use it in Celeriac remoulade, which is delicious or would use it for soup, but I wanted to try something different.

I had read somewhere that it could be used instead of meat, egged and crumbed like a schnitzel. Right that was going to be it!

I peeled and sliced my celeriac, egg and crumbed it, along with two slices of cauliflower. If I was going to experiment, then why not do a double Whammy!

The other experiment that was happening simultaneously was with Celeriac and Jerusalem Artichokes. I peeled and boiled both, cut into chunks, seasoned, and sautéed, garnished with parsley .

The result of both of these experiments were I have to say not that successful.

Firstly, I added to my cauliflower/ celeriac experiment a schnitzel of chicken, also egged and breaded . The first two did nothing for my taste buds, whatsoever! But the chicken, yes!

Then the sauté of Jerusalem artichokes and Celeriac, the taste was only OK but the visual effect, not good, maybe with some carrots to give the dish some colour and a bit more taste.

A revamped Meat pie with Celeriac, Jerusalem artichokes and parsley sauce

Celeriac is a winter root vegetable and will keep for up to 8 months in a cool place ( a bit like potatoes). Jerusalem Artichokes, are also a root vegetable, not from Jerusalem but from North America. They are in season from October to March, use, when purchased as they will go soft.

Other uses for Celeriac

  • Remoulade
  • Made into soup
  • Baked along with Jerusalem artichokes, fennel and onions with or without the addition of Pastis
  • Baked whole and served in slices as a nibble
  • Mixed with potatoes to make gnocchi

Other recipes for Jerusalem Artichokes

  • Risotto with hazelnuts
  • Soup with chestnuts
  • Baked with potatoes and garlic to be served with game

Celery, can be added to any of the above and apart from just crunching, or crunching with cream cheese, it too makes a good soup.

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