Wagamama or WagaNana?

I had forgotten how busy one is with three children in the house. We ourselves had three children , who were of course perfect (???) as of course are, our three eldest grandchildren ( the youngest two are of course also perfect).

Being Child minders in chief this weekend, kept us very much occupied.

It started out with Pizza Movie night, pizza not a problem, but the movie? A different kettle of fish! I googled best movies, and came up with a short list of 100! Wow! A mere 100, seen that, didn’t like that, seen that, No, oops, well it was finally decided, Home Alone, and to be honest, we had forgotten how funny it was !

Saturday dawned, 100% chance of rain and severe rain. Oh well, Breakfast menu created and choices made.

Menu for Saturday 14 /11/2020 and Sunday 15/11/2020

Orange juice, Tomato Juice, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Milk, Water.

Yoghurt, plain, or fruit

Fruit, apples, oranges,mangoes, berries, avocado

Eggs, boiled, scrambled, fried or poached

Bacon, ham, smoked salmon

Sourdough toast or pancakes with any of the above

Maple syrup, lemon curd assorted preserves

The menu presented, decisions made. One wanted , pancakes, with scrambled eggs, plain pancakes, with lemon curd and preserves. Another wanted sourdough toast with bacon and 2 poached eggs, whilst the third just wanted plain pancakes. Seriously I would not want to be a short order cook !

After muddy walks in Richmond Park and lunch being an ice cream it was time to consider dinner. I had wanted to be WAGANANA, however ran out of time, so it was time for our Fourth Lockdown ( that is 4 th only since March) Takeaway and yes it was Wagamama, or as I called it WAGANANA!

Which brings me on to an article in today’s paper. What it says is that the average consumer in the UK ( and I would add most of the western world as well) is basically not concerned about where their food comes from, all they want is, Cheap, Quick and Easy! It also says that the average family, does not have a table and dinner is either something ready made, popped into a microwave or a take away!

I heard on the radio the other day, that since the pandemic began many children had forgotten how to use a knife and fork, but maybe they didn’t know in the first place.

I know it takes time to cook but IT is cheaper to cook than to buy in. Our little delivery from Wagamama cost +/-£100 which I understand why, but for one meal? And no leftovers?

I saw a TV programme once about two single mothers. Interesting insomuch as the one couldn’t be bothered and the other went to the supermarket near closing time and bought goods that were marked down, and made casseroles which were wholesome, not full of fat and sugar!

Ah well, it is hardly a wonder, when in the majority of schools, basic skills, cooking, sewing, electrics, etc are no longer taught that the average family no longer know how cook. Here where I live, there is a constant flow of delivery drivers, for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

One thought on “Wagamama or WagaNana?

  1. Hi Sue,

    Good article.

    I also saw the news that some of the very young children who forgot how to use cutleries when they returned to school/nursery. How do they eat at home?? It was shocking. At the recent School Board Meeting I asked the Head Teacher if she has witnessed something like that. She did not fortunately at our school, but she was also shocked to see the same news. Luckily our school catchment area is wealthier than average, but there you see the huge gap depending upon your socio economic background.

    You mentioned about takeaway food and most people not cooking at home. You and I cook, and our husbands are interested in good food and nutrition and they also cook fairly often. I was interested in how many different ingredients we eat in one week. The guide I have from NHS (because I attended the diabetic prevention course) says try to eat 30 different ingredients. So I wrote down everything we ate last week in a spreadsheet. We had 73 different items! I was pretty happy and proud about it. When you make Minestrone or something like that (you favourite fridge soup) you can pop in a lot of vegetables. We have been eating much more vegetables proportionately and much less red meat. We still eat fish/seafood and chicken. My recent blood test results improved nicely with lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

    So let’s keep on cooking (we have no excuse not to) and keep on sending nice recipes!


    Yuki xx



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