One week on Lockdown # 2

So a week has already passed, not done anywhere near my list of jobs, though finally more masks have been made, yet another style and I think these are the best yet. Why ? Because I have bought adjustable ear elastics, which makes, making the masks, a piece of cake !

Meanwhile, the other night, himself had a treat. No not sausages and creamy mash with a rich gravy, one of his favourites but a super duper hamburger.

Do you make your own hamburgers? I always do, except when I was being lazy and bought them from Costco! Not sure why I bought them, maybe simply because, I needed a bunch of them and they were good value! Wrong because they were awful.

To make good hamburgers, the ground beef needs at least 20% fat. Anything less = a dry hamburger.

In all French super markets, the butchers will grind beef fresh for you, but am not sure if you can say exactly what beef you need. Here, buy ground beef with as I say at least 20 % fat. Allow, 4oz, 6oz or 8oz per patty.

Now here is the best part, forget putting a slice of nondescript bright yellow cheese on top, just for it to slide right off onto the BBQ! No the cheese goes in the middle of the hamburger.

Therefore, to make my hamburgers, I mix the ground beef with some Dijon mustard, a sprinkle of Worcestershire sauce, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and mix well together. I usually weigh my meat so that each patty weighs the same ( unless I’m making some for children). I then divide each one into 2 and press into a hamburger press. Repeat this with second half. On top of one of the patties, put a small handful of grated cheese, ( I use either grated cooking mozzarella or grated Emmental). Place the second patty on top and press well together and try to make sure that there is no cheese poking out.

Really simple, but the way forward. Bite into one of theses hamburgers, and out oozes the melted cheese.

Of course you can add a bun ( I would personally choose a brioche bun), pickles, gherkins, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup ( yuck) and mayo.

Never, Ever, buy premise Hamburgers again !

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