Scotland and the Lakes

After our little Jolly in Scotland we descended to the Lakes. This was only after contributing to Mr. Trumps coffers, a couple of nights in Trump Towers ( aka Turnberry) great golf course, superb staff less said about hotel food the better. Let it be said we found that a picnic with a good bottle of wine, in front of the TV a better bet. !

However, what a different story, in Cartmel at L’Enclume ( Anvil to the uninitiated) and there it was sitting in pride of place next to our table.

L’Enclume was in a different class to Trump Towers, a beautiful space and definitely Covid secure. Starting with our beautiful room, which has been sealed until we entered, comfortable bed and fluffy towels ( wish we could have stayed longer!) The restaurant itself is relatively small with about 15 tables of 2, all set well away from each other. We have barely eaten out since March, a couple of picnics, and once in a plastic igloo, but this was special.

We had been asked in advance of dietary requirements ( we eat anything and everything), so it was very much the tasting menu in all of its glory.

This is Simon Rogan’s Flagship restaurant. We have eaten at Roganic in Marylebone London and at his experimental kitchen in London’s Soho, both of which are excellent.

I was particularly impressed by news of him during our Lockdown, that he and his executives took a 100% pay cut in order to pay everyone else. Meanwhile they cooked and supplied the village with wonderful meals at cost! I wonder if the residents of this beautiful village put on weight ?

And what else can I do, after such a wonderful meal but to share it with you. Unfortunately, I lost my menu, but that have promised that when Lockdown finishes they will send me a new one. Such a shame not remember exactly what we ate!

Therefore from the Top

And the next three

And so it goes on

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