What’s in a Name?

Have you ever wondered who comes up with names? Names for companies, names for streets, names for New Towns and even names for children?

In France for example there is a lemonade drink which is actually very nice ( full of sugar of course) , originally made by Perrier, since 1954 and the name resembles the sound of the bottle upon opening. What is it? PSCHITT! Umm. Not a good name in English!

When we lived in Belgium, for the first year our street was called ‘ Chemin de Chample’, the next year, it was decided that as there was larger Chemin de Chample not far away, it would have to change. Hence it became Chemin de Tombe! Who wants to live inTomb Street? Not us, so the three houses signed a petition and had it changed to ( and this was a mouthful) Chemin de la Commaderie! Try putting that on any forms ! Anyway it was historical, as there had been a Crusaders Tomb found near by.

However, another street nearby was called Rue des Habitations Modern, who would want to live there? Who came up with that name ? Well, now I Know, as the other day going to Richmond Park, we came across Flyover Close ! Seriously? How would anyone sell their house in Flyover Close?, But actually it is called Floyer Close, but near enough , especially on a casual glance !

Meanwhile, I have had Mangoes to use. After my delivery of the most beautiful Mangoes from Spain, I put them all to finish ripening and they were delicious, not a bad one amongst them. Of course they all ripened at once and so I was faced with the dilemma of what to do. So I puréed them all and froze them in measured quantities.

And so it was this week that I decided to make Mango Ice Cream and experimented with No Churn Mango. This was mainly as I was being lazy and not wishing to get out my Ice Cream machine ( it is rather on the heavy side as it has a freezer unit included.)

I used

  1. About 3 cups Mango purée, which I had cooked to reduce the liquid,
  2. 1can sweetened Condensed Milk
  3. 600 mls double cream To make it is very easy
  1. Whip the cream until stiff
  2. Add the condensed milk and combine
  3. Fold in the cooled Mango purée
  4. Put into a suitable container and freeze.

Soften slightly before serving, can be served with some whipped cream or just a mango slice or two. I also have sprinkled some Speculoos dust on top. Speculoos, to the uninitiated are typical biscuits from Belgium, often served in cafes alongside a cup of coffee. Slight spice taste, great dunked in coffee and made into dust to sprinkle on Ice Cream. They can be bought at Amazon !

I nearly always have a mango or two in the house as my local store a small one, two minutes away have them, not as good as my Spanish ones, but Hey Ho ! Not bad.

One night on the weekend, following on from having our Mexicans to stay in France. Is Pizza Movie Night! I always used to make my own Pizzas, when my kids were smaller and so I have now resurrected a Pizza Pan , I have to say a rather posh one, a Le Creuset Pizza Pan, being cast iron, it gets suitable hot and works very well.

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