Midway through July, 2020

I wonder what history will say about the Pandemic after (if) a vaccine has been found and life returns to albeit maybe a different form of normality . Hats off to all the companies and individuals who have been more than creative by setting up online, delivery companies, from fish and meat to fruit and vegetables, to cakes and pastries, and well to almost anything. Of course Amazon has benefitted greatly from all of the online purchases, but I am thinking more of the small people who have needed to make a living, and have been innovative indeed, to young Sophie who has turned her chefs training to making sourdough bread and wonderful macaroons, to all of the restaurants who have continued cooking and now do home delivery. In the words of an old saying, The Butcher, The Baker and the Candlestick Maker.

So, for me someone who really likes grocery shopping, this has been a totally new experience and I am hooked! Why traipse off to Billingsgate Fish Market at 6 am on a Saturday ( one really has to drive there) or any day at 5 am to Smithfield, the meat market, when it can be delivered to your door? No more gutting and filleting 30 sea bass, no more slicing 2 kilos of Ribeye into individual steaks ! And no more lugging of shopping bags up to the 6 th floor ( to be honest, Himself does the lugging, not me) . Distilled water, bug spray, computer paper, toilet paper, all just appears at my front door ! A Miracle!

On rummaging in the freezer the other night wondering what to have for dinner, and actually not really a rummage, as I do know what is there, and where it is. I decided on Sea Bass and squid. Two beautiful Sae Bass fillets and a small bag of squid, would do the trick.

The Sea Bass was already prepared, the squid needed cleaning quickly done.

Then all I had to do was to heat some olive oil in a pan , a quick light dusting of flour,pop p the fish skin side down and on a medium heat sauté them until the upper side turned opaque, fish is cooked and skin crispy.

Squid, dusted with a little flour, popped into another pan with hot oil in and quickly cooked, a quick stir and again done.

Himself had this with some of the cauliflower gratiné that came out of the freezer, a squirt of lemon juice or a smear of the anchovy butter from the freezer and dinner was soon done.On a slightly different note a lovely visit to Kew Gardens on Friday, and with the restrictions on numbers was just lovely. Here is a photo of my Finchley crew in the Hive !

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