Week Fourteen, Sunday June 21st

Sunday once more, sounds a bit like the Mamas and Papas, Yesterday once more. But it is Fathers Day, and Willowy Brunette ( she who doesn’t cook) has gone into baking, baking cakes for us and for her nephews and niece . She made her father a scrumptious Rum Raisin cake, and for the little ones a Beetroot and ginger, which they loved ( just don’t tell them it is beetroot).

Sunday, means neighbourhood Cocktail Hour and today we are actually going somewhere! About 20 yards or so further afield. Up onto a roof terrace, so we can look over the whole of London. We occupy here, two floors but next door they are on three floors, hence a real roof terrace, whereas ours is long theirs is square and so we can still be socially distant but without having to shout across the void. Exciting !

Sunday is also Story time for the three older grandchildren, each week they give Himself a character that they want to be incorporated into a story, I’m not sure what they are this week, something along the lines of a Crazy politician, a Dumb Bat and a Rainbow Princess! Try putting those into an interesting kids story ! Himself works all week on the tale after, Miss Tess declared on the second week, when asked ” It was Not his best “! What a put down from a ten year old ! Since then he has worked hard to come up with the goods.

Meanwhile, I’m on the hook for dinner and it is once again fish ( excuse the pun there) and it is salmon. As it is cocktails and story night I have to be ready with dinner at 8.30 pronto. Therefore Fish it is, especially as I had a delivery from IshFish.

Until today, my favourite way of cooking and serving Salmon, was to pan fry, skin side down ( crispy skin) and spread frozen Anchovy butter over it to serve. That was all about to change and for a couple of reasons.

Firstly I bumped into a foodie neighbour , obviously not literally, we were almost on opposite sides of the street, but he told me where to buy relatively inexpensive Porcini Mushrooms, they are from an English company via Amazon, so I bought a tub ( 500 grams of dried mushrooms, is a lot, but just checked at other outlets, powder almost £10.00 per 100 grams at Waitrose, more expensive at Whole foods)

I had read somewhere about using Porcini dust with Salmon and here was my chance.

So! What to do? Take a few of the wonderful dried mushrooms and with the motor running on your blender ( and a blender does work better than a food processor, or probably even better a coffee grinder )drop in the dried Porcini, with the motor running. Immediately put your hand over the spout, you don’t want to lose any of this precious dust, let the motor run. Tip the jug upside down over a sieve and shake gently into a bowl. Then with a paint brush or mushroom brush, dust out the blender, so as not to lose any. Any bits that have not been ground into dust, DO NOT THROW AWAY, keep in a jar until you need some extra flavouring, in a soup .

Then very simply, I used it by pressing some onto the skin side of my salmon. I have to buy salmon with the skin on as frying it skin side down is the only way to go, you get crispy skin and so easy to see when the salmon is cooked, but not over cooked. And then I just cooked my salmon as usual in a frying pan with a small amount of Olive oil.

I recently did some crowd funding to finance some Young Spanish farmers, consequently I bought 5 kilos of the most wonderful lemons ( currently being preserved for future use) and 5 litres of wonderful olive oil!

3 thoughts on “Week Fourteen, Sunday June 21st

  1. Send a photo of the olive oil container and we can have a tasting when we return. Or put it on your next blog. xox Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Oh! Looks absolutely lovely! Don’t know where to get the porcini, but I will try. My favorite recipes for salmon are 1)crusting it with crushed salted pistachios, which I paste onto the fillets with olive oil and 2) pesto sauce topped with diced tomatoes and a little salt and pepper. Either way, bake on foil-covered pan for about 18 minutes at 400 F.
    Is Tony going to publish the stories?


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