Week 8, Day One

dc4a34ce-50f5-4502-b43d-b7af17d23c72Here we go again! Another day, another week and our indomitable leader has said for so many of us, STAY HOME, except we can go out multiple times. Apparently there is a famous Thai saying, “Same, Same but Different !

Where has today gone? Again not sure but by passed us it has. Breakfast, Times Crossword, but no time for Jigsaw, Bridge , then internet problems, then researching scrub hats, masks, patterns and fabric. Sunday? Oh Sunday, cocktail party out on the terraces, it is Freezing, so cocktail hour was foreshortened, too bad it is a fun time. So dinner drew the short straw again, seems to be the new Norm, because next Yes Story Time.Not that we / Himself would forgo Story Time, how much longer will the eldest 12 going on 13 be interested in such delights? Surely not, just to please his grandfather?IMG_5064


Precious Times and Time is floating away.

However much Tempus Fugit, we are where we are and the body and soul still need to be fed. So it was another Recycled dinner for Himself and another salad dinner for myself. But I did decide to make a dessert, Clafoutis, Wonderful clafoutis. The very first time we ate Clafoutis was when we lived in Texas and an au pair arrived from Belgium, where we had lived previously. She arrived bearing a gift of her family’s recipes and in it was the recipe for Clafoutis.

The recipe actually calls for Plums or Cherries, of which I had neither,  but I did have Rhubarb, from my vegetable/fruit delivery of last week. I also have found a recipe for a savoury version using Chard. When going to French markets there is always an abundance of Chard, or Beet. Basically the leaves of various forms of Beetroot as well as Cardoons, the French seem to love them, I tried  cooking them just the once and it was a big mistake.

So here once again is a recipe for the dessert kind of Clafoutis

  1. a bunch of young ( preferably) rhubarb cut into approx 1″ chunks
  2. 250 grams full fat cream cheese ( Philadelphia or generic will do, at room temperature
  3. 125 mls double cream
  4. 3eggs
  5. 8 oz plain flour
  6. Here you can add some kirsch or other liquor but not necessary.
  7. 90 grams unsalted butter at room temperature

Butter a dish, pie type dish or a soufflé dish will work, put all of the ingredients except the rhubarb into a food processor and beat until well mixed.

Put half of the batter into the bottom of the dish, add the fruit, in an even layer, then add the remainder of the batter. Bake at 440 F 205 C for about 35 mins ( sightly lower if using a fan oven 190C) It should be just set and a light golden brown. Allow to cool somewhat before serving. Serve tepid with some powdered ( icing sugar) sprinkled on top and for those being extra indulgent, some cream or ice cream.IMG_7764

Maybe I will try making the savoury version next time.

One thought on “Week 8, Day One

  1. We went in to prepare for the Great Man as well as to get warm. Are we any the wiser after listening carefully to him? Postponing our family Zoom for him… I now can’t read you on FB as it wants me to do lots of new exciting things with them first….. Debby xoxoox


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