Week Seven, Day Four

Hyde Park early morning

After the extravaganza of Cinco de Mayo it is back to basics, but then again maybe I should concentrate on VE Day , but that is tomorrow, Friday, which is our Travel Day, so maybe I will stick to the gourmet delights that await for our Travel to Where?

I used to annoy my kids no end, when they would ask ” What’s for dessert ” before deciding if they would eat all of their dinner or not. My answer was invariably (dessert was usually something like yoghurt or fruit salad) a UFO or WAS, which was either , YOU’LL FIND OUT, or WAIT AND SEE ! Annoying or what ?

Fruit and vegetables arrived yesterday morning at 6.10 am, I only ordered on Tuesday afternoon, amazing service from Greens ( the Greens family) in Covent Garden, this is only my second delivery from them in 7 weeks, and maybe I went just a tad overboard, but hey ho. Since my first order they have expanded, their online shop to include, such things as butter, flour, and supermarket staples. So as well as ordering a mixed box of fruit and veg, I had add ons, such as baby spinach, red chillies, avocados, rhubarb and lemon grass.IMG_5520

It took me a while to sort this lot out, spray with food safe disinfectant, wipe everything down, sort and pack away. But now it is done, but of course that doesn’t exclude a pop either down the road to the wonderful M and S, which is never busy or just across  the road to Sainsbury’s local.

Holland Barrett on the other hand, in the beginning days of Lockdown not knowing who, what or where was going to be open, I ordered some stuff from them, Stupid , they are also across the road and are OPEN , however, 6 weeks on, the order is arriving in Dribs and Drabs, despite my e mailing to cancel ! It will be returned ! ( across the road.)

Meanwhile, Himself was out of cake, and I had been planning to try this out for a couple of weeks. A variation of the Clementine cake so no flour, but with ground almonds and polenta. Mixed results I am afraid, looks good, tastes only ok, as the polenta gives it a gritty texture.So not really worth bothering with!IMG_1931

Dinner, last night was using food that either needed to be used, or dint really have room for it in the refrigerator. I had a small cauliflower, some spinach, some ham, and so it became,  Cauliflower Cheese with ham and spinach, Himself said it was good, Me? I had grilled Haloumi and green salad.

2 thoughts on “Week Seven, Day Four

  1. Are you on a diet? Next time you ring the bell, let me see you and have a chat. It always takes me time to get downstairs, especially if I’m in the garden or scrubbing floors in the loo. xoxoxo Debby


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