Week Five, Day Two.

Is it day two or is it day one, to be honest I’ve lost count, they do more or less blur into one !

All I know is, today was Sunday and Sunday is our cocktail day with the neighbours. All of us on our part of the top floor have inwards facing terraces, so we can stand on our own terrace, be much much more than 2 meters apart, have a drink, discuss what is going on and behave almost normally.IMG_5091

Today is also Story day for the three eldest grandchildren, and as Himself creates the story, it can be fairly time consuming, especially as after the last one Miss Tess declares that it was NOT his best !

For me, I pottered in the kitchen, made some more granola ( for me) made a crumble ( for him ) Mango, Rhubarb and Apple, using up stuff from the freezer, which also included the crumble topping, as usually when I make the topping, I make double, pre bake it and then freeze, what I do not use. I also made beetroot and orange soup, using up the pre-cooked packet of beetroot, that has been sitting in the refrigerator just crying out to be used, along with some pesky clementines, that were either destined to be cake or soup, and some sour cream, which also needed using .

For tonight’s dinner, we are going to have Rack of Lamb, which is sitting in the Sous Vide pot, along with some asparagus and some Gnocchi.

This Gnocchi recipe I love, and make it all the time.

The recipe for the gnocchi comes courtesy of Pied a Terre which has held a Michelin star for over 27 years. It is very walkable from here ( normally that is) and had some baby off shoots for a while, but were on short leases so sadly no longer.

These Gnocchi are kind of time consuming but not really and once done, can be frozen for future use, flat freeze them, then pop into a bag and then always have some special carbohydrate to serve with dinner.

  •  3 or 4  large baking potatoes which have been cooked either boiled or baked or cooked as I do in the microwave.
  • about 125/ 150 grms flour
  • about 125/150 grms grated parmesan but you can use also something like emmental
  • 2 whole eggs beaten
  •  some saltIMG_5310
  1. Mash the potatoes, I use a RICER as this is perfect for a fine creamy mashed potato. Mix with the flour, eggs and cheese
  2. lay a sheet of cling film on the counter top and make a sausage of the potato, about 6-8″ long and about the thickness of a fat sausage
  3. Roll up tightly in the cling film and tie with string at the ends. Repeat with all of the mixture
  4. Boil the “Sausages in boiling water for about 15 minutes, , remove , drain and leave to cool. At this point when cool you can refrigerate until ready for the next step.
  5. Remove film and cut the sausages into slices about  3/4 inch thick.
  6. Have a dish with some flour in , lightly dip the potato slices in the flour and fry in melted butter or oil until golden, drain in kitchen paper, and either serve at once or as I say cool and freeze.
  7. At Pied a Terre they were served with a tomato fondue and a shaving of parmesan cheese as a first course.

    If you find that you love them, then make a whole bunch at once and freeze for future use.

4 thoughts on “Week Five, Day Two.

  1. Hi Sue,

    Your daily message is very good. In addition to giving us great recipes it reminds us which day it is! Ha ha ha. Keep going!

    Yuki xx

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