A Hidden Gem in Gran Canaria

We are on the Canaries, Gran Canaria, to be precise. We have come to play golf and actually I had no great expectations as to dining. My visit to the Super Mercado, was very much less than inspiring. Remind me very much of Willowy Blonds, local in Mexico City, Superrama, ( known locally to #1 daughter at least as Pooperrama.) It was pretty bad I have to say, but here in the Canaries, it certainly is not much better. A large space, but with very little in it.

We are staying with friends, in a Villa on a golf course. It might as well be in Central London, as whoever designed these villas, decided that a view of the course and surrounding mountains was not important! However, we put money into a kitty and decided to eat in at least for breakfast, hence the visit to the supermarket. My fears about dining, were therefore enforced by the distinct lack of choice in Mercadona, though Alcampo was larger ( still not my idea of a good shopping experience) but it seemed to have a little more choice. The fish counter though was not inspiring  and most of the meat was pre-packed !

We ventured out to our local grill, (El Tauro) where we ate steak or shoulders of lamb, all of which were fine ( forget the canary potatoes though…………boiled potatoes with a reddish-yellow sauce on them).

I subsequently scoured and googled, restaurants, to find somewhere, which would come up to scratch. Guantanamo, by the beach most certainly did not fit the bill and many others, when checking them on Trip Advisor, the remarks were along the lines of ” Best Pizza” “Best Spag Bol” or even ” Best Place to go with our 6 kids”! None was what we were looking for. Then I came across Los Guayres! Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 09.00.09And what a find this turned out to be!

This restaurant is to be found in the Hotel Cordial in the fishing port of Morgán, and why it has not got a Michelin Star beats me. The food was Devine and the service impeccable. Our table was booked for 7.30 and we finally staggered out at 11.30 having gorged ourselves on what can only be described as wonderful food.

The chef Alexis Álvarez is a Gran Canarian cook, who trained on mainland Spain with the likes of Ferran Adrià of El Bulli fame. And he says “My culinary style is both Canarian regional cuisine and cutting edge Spanish cuisine, where we treat the basic ingredients with the utmost care, as they are the core of our dishes.”

Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 08.42.11
We had a choice, a menu at €60, another at € 68 and a third at € 75. Fortunately our
group all chose the middle one ( just as well as all had to choose  the same one) we opted not to have the wine pairings but chose ourselves and for the white wine at least it came from the island which has vineyards near the Caldera in Bandama. Excellent choice!

The menu said 6/8 courses but in reality there were several more, as we had several amuse bouches as well as a small soup in the middle of the other courses.

To start with we were given a glass of cava and then followed several Amuse Bouche. One of which was a cone filled with leeks and one which I would call a soup. It was deep pink in colour, ( like beetroot) but in fact was made from Prickly pear.


Our starter was an oyster with corn juice, followed by a roasted shrimp with carrot vinaigrette and roasted apple. We were then served what looked like a bisque ( this was an extra course) and then marinated  red tuna, with avocado and coriander. The Avocado and coriander formed the base for a green chip.

Then in order we had Iberian Pork in a beetroot reduction and pine nut cream, grouper filet in a sauce, and as explained, grouper was the perfect fish, as a sauce would cling to it well. We also ate Lamb with sweet potato.

Desserts were cheese ice cream, chocolate and mango crisp with milk ice cream and of course Petit fours.

I loved it all and forgive me for a myriad of photos. Now back in the UK, where it is cold and damp, not an incentive to start a diet, but needs must I’m afraid!

For those who are interested you will be able to find at least one of his recipes on the following link


Leg of goat in salmorejo sauce, red onion and potato purée

Maybe not so eays to find a goats leg, unless you have an  local ethnic butchers near by or maybe an exoctic market, but I am sure that pork or lamb would make a good substitute. I might give it a try over the New Year.


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