No Added Sugar! Honestly!

The other day, Himself was dispatched to Geneva Airport to collect Baby Amelia and her parents. The three “Mexicans ” and I set to in the kitchen.

I had found a recipe the other day, which said, No Churn Ice Cream, good idea thought I , especially as Horror of Horrors, I do not have an ice cream machine, here in the mountains. Interestingly, it was made with condensed milk, double cream and honey. It also said that meringue, rum soaked raisins and chunks of chocolate would work well, and salted almonds. My problem here was that my 10 year old visitor, doesn’t like chocolate, ( who has heard of a 10 year old not liking chocolate? Well he doesn’t but he told me he has taught himself to eat chocolate cake at birthday parties, otherwise he always missed out on the cake!) And to boot has a nut allergy. We decided to make this ice cream with caramelised sugar ( brittle toffee) microwave meringues, boiled condensed milk ( think caramel, think Banoffee Pie) and double cream. We skipped the honey.

The night before I had boiled the can of condensed milk so that it was thick, caramelised and cold. We mixed one slightly beaten egg white with enough icing sugar to make a very thick mixture, that could be rolled onto Golf Ball size balls, and so made our meringues, cooked quickly in the microwave and therefore cooled very quickly ( see blogs from July, August 2017).

We made the toffee brittle, simply by pouring sugar into a pan and gently heating it until it melts and caramelises, remove from the heat as soon as it turns colour as it will very quickly burn, pour onto a greased baking tray and it will solidify very quickly, BEWARE it is hot!

Bash the caramel with a rolling pin or hammer. Beat the cream ( I used a litre of cream) , , stir in the boiled condensed milk, add the broken caramel pieces, crush the meringues, and add them. Put into a box and freeze.

The result was an amazing, sweet, sugar overload ice Cream! And I can honestly say that there was No Added Sugar! Whatever that means in reality ! The taste was wonderful, but only have a small scoop at a time and the kids? They could be bouncing off the walls in no time at all, but making that, more Ice Lollies and some Lemon Drizzle Cup cakes, kept them busy all morning!

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