A USA Road Trip”

We are on a Road Trip in the USA. We started out in Phoenix at Golf Boot Camp, and as such the hotel was maybe not what we might have chosen, but it was where the golf camp was held. It was fine, convenient and actually it worked well.

I have decided to keep a pictoral record of meals we have eaten.

For starters, Breakfast. I chose the same thing for 5 days, yogurt, with granola, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. For me it was perfect. Himself, little piggy that he can be ( think 3 Krispy Kreme doughnuts whilst watching rugby) decided to go native and try the more substantial foods that were on offer.

Day one, Huevos Rancheros, which came on a kind of fried bread with beans, salsa and eggs ( over easy). In Mexico, they are very different, tortillas, salsa, refried beans, avocado and of course the eggs. Sonora the area of Arizona,in which we found ourselves , served them a piece of fried bread which was actually plate size. The verdict, not bad!

Day two had, himself trying out the Chilaquiles.

Chilaquiles, are very popular in Mexico, it is yet another way of using up day old tortillas . Served with a salsa, red or free, with sour cream, maybe avocado or guacamole, maybe refried beans and of course eggs! Scrambled or fried. The verdict, ? Umm a bit soft, but they are meant to be soft!

Day three he took the buffet, and am not sure what he ended up with !

Day four, it had to be the short stack pancakes, along with crispy bacon and tons of Maple Syrup, and if it were only maple syrup and not just sugar filled sauce. However, he seems to enjoy them!

Day five, umm he didn’t fancy the breakfast Burritos. Actually a bit like Chop Suey and American Chinese invention, Burritos are an American invention and not at all Mexican. But never mind, they were not fancied and so it was back to the Huevos Ramcheros! Oh what a shame! Not as good as on day one, and he actually left some!

And now we have left Phoenix and have headed on to Sedona, beautiful red Mesas all around and it is cold Negative degrees!

We warmed ourselves up with giant Margaritas ( me) and. Triple Mezcal ( him) I can only blame this on the server not have having a clue to the size of a Mezcal shot and to Son Inlaw for introducing Himself to the joys of Mezcal! My memories of being in Oxaxca at a Mezcal tasting, willowy blond I were not so impressed, so passed along our tastings to the boys, who seemed to manage ours and theirs with ease!

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