Pantomime Time! Go to the Kings Head Pub!

This has nothing to do with food, but with Pantomime fun! An absolute gem!

We often go to the Kings Head Pub on Upper Street Islington, for us it is a relatively easy to get to, the lovely number 30 bus! They put on shows and operas to such a great standard I often wonder why bother with the Royal Opera House! These are all professional singers and actors and perform to such a high standard, that why are they here and not in the ROH! I’m glad they are here!

We saw today King Tut, a Pyramid Panto! It is the craziest, wackiest Panto in town! Yes, pantos are formulaic, as my eldest grandson told me, that men play girls the ugly sisters are men, the leading boy is always a girl etc etc! Well fast forward to King Tut and this formula goes straight out of the window!

The setting, the theatre is a fairly small space behind the Pub , with maybe maximum 100 seats depending on the configuration as sometimes it is set ” in the round”. Today I would have said that it was about the 100 mark and the performance was for young kids. The place was packed,with mums and dads, grandpas, grandmas, kids and grandkids in fact over packed as we were all asked to shove up a bit to make room for a few more.

There were only 5 performers and two hidden musicians, Lord Conniving ( in theory Lord Carnavon), who was the

Bad Guy, where we all booed and booed, Carter, the archaeologist, Emily the love interest, King Tut as a 9 year old who doubled up as a young Egyptian , her Dad, who doubled up as Clive the Camel and as Bruce Forsyth! Yes we had a game show as well, and Brucey was there, with contestants pre chosen ( not that they knew) from the audience! We all shouted and screamed the answers. And on top of that we had a singing competition, between the sides of the room, ours belonged to Clive, who had been reincarnated ( he had been poisoned by the evil Conniving) the other side belonged to the evil Conniving! Oh what a hoot it all was. It lasted for two hours and our two did not have a hint of a sleepy eye, in fact at the interval they had ice creams, a choice of 11, yes, Eleven different flavours!

So all I can say is ” Google ” Kings Head Theatre and see for yourself what is on and do go and see them ! Just and amazing professional performance!

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