Off to Nottingham

Recently I had a birthday and so himself decided we should go somewhere really nice and extra special. And so it was that we found ourselves on the M 1, heading to Nottingham. Actually I have to admit, that I know noting about Nottingham. I know it has several national sporting centres, one for Watersports, one for Ice events, a national cricket venue, plus two football teams one of which is one of the oldest in the country. Of course it is famous for Robin Hood, his merry band of robbers, Nasty King John and the evil Sheriff and of course Sherwood Forest. Also home to Lord Byron and D.H. Lawrence.

But it is for none of those reasons that we headed up the overcrowded M1 motorway. We have been there once before, when himself decided I needed some more food influence in my life and he gave me ( all by myself) a morning in the kitchen with the chefs, at a 2 Michelin Star restaurant, which happens to be in Nottingham.

The restaurant in question is called Sat Bains, after the chef/owner Satwant Bains, who was born in Derby to Sikh parents, he once worked as a young chef for Raymond Blanc, worked in France, won several wards, became head Chef at Hotel des Clos, which he relaunched as RSB, Restaurant Sat Bains, a restaurant with rooms.

There are only 8 rooms, the restaurant appears to be an old farmhouse in a very unpreposing  location, underneath pylons and cables, on the edge of a light industrial estate, obviously the farm house was there before the estate.

All of the rooms are very different, and there are 7 of them, although they are numbered 1-8 ! And it would appear that they are very popular, as himself went to book several weeks in advance only to find that room 8 was the only one available. I have to add here, that they are only available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Depending on your choice of room, there are different packages available, some with wine included, others not and a choice of a 7 course dinner or a ten course dinner. Room 8 came with a ten course! And breakfast is included!!

The 10 course tasting menu, came with an optional 11th. This I believe, was some sort of special poached /sous -vide egg, which listening in on a neighbours conversation, is the dish that launched Sat into the national psych!! However, not living in the UK at that time, we were more than happy to settle for the 10 courses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 menu

As you can see from the phtograph of the menu, the courses are more or less divided between, Salt, Sweet Sour, Bitter and Umami.

Umami is the fifth taste and is savoury.It is one of the five basic tastes (along with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness). according to   The Umami Information Center the following foods are rich in naturally occuring glutamate ( think Chinese where it is added).

All shell fish, Scallops, Clams, Oysters, Lobster etc.

Beef, think Beef Jerky, think Hamburger, especially one with added cheese or bacon

All cheese, but especially Parmesan.

Pork but especially Bacon.

Chicken soup, as the bones are full of Umani.

Carrots, Tomatoes, Tomato paste, Lasagne, French Fries, Potato Chips, Soy, Soy Sauce, Mushrooms, the list goes on. And don’t forget, Green tea, why not go for Haagen Dazs Green Tea Ice Cream ???



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