Easy mid week dinner!

I was asked the other day, what was my favourite thing to cook for a dinner party. Actually, I was taken back as I do not have a favourite at all. I experiment, try new foods, try new recipes and ideas. I never know what we are going o have for dinner on any given night until I open the refrigerator or freezer and get inspiration.
During the summer, in France I resolved to use as much as possible from my freezer, so when Himself, said I fancy ?? For dinner, it was a NO unless the basis for the meal was there, in the freezer. And so now it is , back here in London. I am trying very hard to reduce the contents of my freezer, to make way for something new and exciting. Like venison filet! Umm had that last year and it was just wonderful!
So currently in my freezer, there is some white fish, ( some Hake, some cod and some Pangasius ( an Asian white fish available frozen), some salmon, some tuna, some prawns, some oysters ( they freeze really well and no shucking !) some calamari, some squid tentacles and some crab.) 

So for my fish pie, I used a mixture of fish, some white and some salmon, some prawns and eggs. Then you need some white sauce and cheese and tomatoes for decoration.

Quantities are a rough guide only, these amounts will make enough to fill a rectangular dish 30 cms x20 (11 ” x8″).
About a kilo in total of fish any mix is fine.

4-8 oz of shrimps or prawns or even crawfish 

3 eggs hard boiled and roughly mashed

About 700 grams cooked potatoes 
Then I always make my sauce by the One Stage method, Stork Margarine came up with this idea in 1969 whilst I was teaching cooking in a dilapidated school in central London. I embraced this method as did my pupils! Here was something they could do, chuck it in and hey it works! Not quiet that simple but pretty much! So this is my 2106 version as Microwave ovens were not around in 1969.
50 grams butter

50 grams cornflour

1/2 litre milk

120 grams grated cheese, ( I do not like cheddar but use Emmental or you could use goats cheese for something different.i actuality used Abondance, just because I had a surplus of it in the freezer. Did you know that cheese freezes really well)!

Pinch of salt to taste

A teaspoon of dry mustard.

To make this sauce,mix all of the ingredients in a Microwave proof bowl or jug, heat on high at one minute intervals, stir well and heat again. Repeat until the sauce is thick. IF it should go lumpy, just whisk to remove them! You might think it a bit of a paff hearing at one minute intervals, but in the meantime, you could be doing something else,( read your emails, until the Microwave pings)
Cook the fish in some water, wine or milk until cooked and flakes well, but do not over cook ! Flake the fish, mix with the shellfish, the eggs and the potatoes . Mix all into the thickened sauce.pour into the greased dish, top with some grated cheese and some sliced tomatoes. Can be made a day or two ahead and refrigerated until needed. Bake in a hot oven for about 15 mins until golden brown, serve with green Vegetables or a salad!
Easy Peasy and not much washing up either !

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