Breakfast in London

On returning to London from Mexico City it was to a cupboard bare. So after a trip to the local supermarket followed by another trip to Church St. market, I thought I would treat himself to a Mexican treat for Sunday breakfast. So it was going to be Poched eggs with a chilli tomato sauce. As mentioned in my previous blog I created a recipe for this Mexican delight. However I added some extras, which included some sauteed chopped red peppers, mixed in with the canned tomatoes mixture and whizzed to a fine purée . The was heated and if it was too thick I diluted it with some water.

Instead of coriander, this time I used water cress ( which actually was perfect) . Again a soft poached egg ( or two) and some toasted sourdough bread.

Unfortunately , I do not have the chipped enamel bowls in which to serve the breakfast, maybe on my next trip to Mexico, I will be able to hunt done the bowls. Meanwhile, I served it in some old Japanese bowls. 


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