When is Mexican food Mexican? 

Mexican food is not Tex Mex! Having lived in Houston Texas for many years we were led to believe that Mexican food, is, what they served in such restaurants/diners such as Pappasitos Cantina, Gringos Mexican Kitchen or Ninfa’s on Navigation ( don’t you love the name, a really seedy part of town!) But as much as we enjoyed going to one of these, it was always the same, a huge amount of deep fried tortilla chips, with lashings of salsa and guacamole. Then for the main course, it was always a plate which included, refried beans ( think calories) Mexican rice, some salad, some tortillas and meat or fish of your choosing. I always ended up saying ” hold the rice and beans!”

Now however there is a new menace on the block, in the USA and the U.K. It is called Chipotle! Founded in the USA, it has now spread to Europe, including the UK. The one near me in London always has queues outside, especially at lunch time and I am not sure why! They market themselves as “Food with Integrity” , but Wikipedia reports that, MSNBC health .com rated it as one of the worse 20 , in the USA. It has had numerous serious outbreaks of various forms of food poisoning over the years, including E Coli, Salmonella and Novovirus ! And on top of that half of what they serve is not even Mexican ( Burritos and Tofu for example) oh, and one final note, each burrito is only about 1,000 calories! Which is even more than a Big Mac. !Steer clear is the message!

Here, in Mexico City, and not even in a high end restaurant but just a local one, it is much more refined and much better food. So we were at La Capitale, neighbourhood  restaurant, in an area called Condesa. 

Shrimp Tortillas
Pork Pibil ( pulled pork)
Guacamole, the colours represent the colours of the Mexican Flag

Tuna Tostadas
 we had tortilla chips with guacamole , tostadas with tuna, small tortillas with shrimp, pulled pork ( pubil) and some tortillas with fajitas ( arranchera) steak. Take a look!

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