A fine dining restaurant in Les Gets!

Having said previously ( and several times) that here in the mountains, most restaurants serve, Ham, Cheese, Potatoes, cream and Charcuterie, and understandably , they cater to the tourists. However we do not consider ourselves, tourists ?semi residents, if you like, as we even get resident discounts on the ski lifts .

So, there is one restaurant that fits the bill, as being not the usual run of the mill and it is L’Outa, in Les Gets. When we first saw the restaurant, we thought it to be a very smart antique shop, refined old pine fittings and soft lighting. But we were wrong, it is a lovely  smallish restaurant, with about 30 covers. It also has a wine bar, ( yet to be tried) and a salon de thé ( also yet to be tried) . It is owned and run by Jaqueline and Phillipe François ( I think he could be the chef), she is the front of house and head waiter, and slightly dotty. One time when we called, to ask if they were open, Madame responded, oh I don’t know, call again in the morning ( I have to admit it was out of season). So we have been there now, several times, both winter and summer and out of season . In the summer we eat outside in the garden and in the winter of course inside where it is warm and cosy , we have never been disappointed.

So, we went again, with new acquaintances,( she being French, him English) who had not been before and hopefully they will return.  

The interior of L’Outa
we chose, between us, a soup du jour, which was creamy winter vegetable with a cream and lard chantilly, Lard? Yes whipped cream mixed with lard! Spends awful, but in fact I would never had guessed that ingredient, on a blind tasting test!
winter vegetable soup with cream and lard chantilly
  a scallop risotto and escargot served in a small casserole with fois gras and  chanterelles. 

Risotto with Scallops

snails, with fois gras and chanterelles
  All of which were excellent . We were actually served a tiny portion of the soup as an amuse Bouche,  so we all had the chance to sample it. For mains, three of us went for monkfish, which again was very good indeed, but I think I have to admit to having food envy,
when I saw the Gambas arrive. 

The wonderful looking Gambas

Monkfish with vegetables
  I am hoping they will still have that on the menu, when we go again next week! No room for dessert except, our young skinny friend who chose  the Café Gourmand, which was more than enough for two and her husband duly helped out. 

The Café Gourmand! enough for 2
 So chatting to Madame before leaving, she said,  “bones vacances” I informed her that our young friends worked here! Oh she replied that is why she speaks such good French! I am French, was the reply! But Madame was nonplussed by this! Of course, as I said she is a bit dotty! But very nice all the same!

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