Christmas Dinner anyone?


Christmas was here, best time of year! Mistletoe and wine etc! But is Christmas dinner the best dinner that you can have?

I questioned that concept about 30 years ago and have not cooked on Christmas Day since. Even before then, I always experimented with what we would have on that special day. My first Christmas dinner ( one that I cooked rather than my Mom) I chose Suckling pig. However it, skinny little thing was too big for my minuscule oven, so had to chop it in two and I cooked the front end first. I duly stuffed his mouth with an apple and stuck him in the oven. As he roasted tears rain down his face, or so it seemed, have not cooked suckling pig since. So we have gone from various ideas, roast loin of pork, standing rib of dry aged beef, goose, duck, wild duck to…

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner anyone?

  1. Sue – I knew you didn’t cook on Christmas Day but the cold table sounds great. And Nic has always liked cooking – his and Helen’s stuffed turkey breast sounds fantastic. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.





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